Dental Lasers

Lasers were invented in the 1960’s. Lasers work by creating a beam of concentrated energy. These short pulses of energy, help to kill bacteria, viruses, and help remove infection in the mouth. This pain-free technology sterilizes the area and creates a blood clot to significantly reduce bleeding. Most laser procedures require little to no anesthetic.

  • Gum Disease: Lasers can be used to treat gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontal diseases. The laser kills bacteria in deep pockets underneath the gums. It also helps promote healing on inflamed and infected gum tissues. 
  • Desensitize teeth: Lasers can be used to desensitize teeth. Some teeth are more sensitive due to recession. Some patients have very sensitive teeth that does not improve with the frequent use of sensitivity toothpaste.  Patients will experience immediate relief from sensitivity teeth following laser treatment. 
  • Oral Ulcers: Patients sometimes suffer from painful Apthous ulcers and herpetic lesions. These lesions are symptomatic for many days and take up to 14 days to resolve. Instead of suffering, patients now have an option to have these ulcers treated with a laser. The laser reduces pain, and improves healing. Instead of waiting 14 days for these ulcers to heal, these ulcers will heal much faster and won’t be painful.
  • Surgical Procedures: Some soft tissue surgeries can be done with a soft tissue laser. These procedures include frenectomy, removal of lesions, gingivectomies, tooth exposures, and implant uncovering.  Using a laser to complete these procedures, allows for painless procedures, without needing an injection! Post-operative pain and bleeding is minimal and the tissue heals very quickly. 

Every insurance plan is a little different. Sometime insurance cover treatment and some do not. We will contact your insurance company to give you the most accurate estimate for your dental treatment. Sometimes sending our pre-authorizations to your insurance company is necessary in getting the most accurate estimate. We offer flexible payment options too! 

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